So while I was watching the new iPod Nano announcement I had an idea; “That thing would make a sweet name tag!”

Being the geek that I am, I ordered one and then googled “ipod nano” everyday to see if anyone else had the same idea. While I saw many posts on an iPod Nano watch, I didn’t see any for a name tag.

Then people started getting their nanos and reporting that there was no more video and I got a little bummed out because a video name tag would have been sweet. I started thinking of other ways to make it happen. I thought that maybe I could make short songs and put the company logo as the album art to transition between a couple different screens. Turns out that apple made it even easier than that.

With the photo slideshow all I needed to do was create some 240 x 240 images and load them onto the nano and run the slideshow.  It works like a champ and the origami transition makes for a very nice animated name tag. ;-)

Here’s a video of the name tag in action (shot this with my iphone, of course):